Chapter 30 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 30

The trial has the immediate effect of unifying Hindus and Muslims. Aziz is a national hero, regardless of his creed. Mr. Das comes to Aziz for medical advice and a poem for his brother's magazine. Since the trial, Aziz has started writing poems with a nationalist theme. The trial awakened in Aziz a spirit of patriotism:

"The poem for Mr. Bhattacharya never got written, but it had an effect. It led him towards the vague and bulky figure of a mother-land. He was without natural affection for the land of his birth, but the Marabar Hills drove him to it. Half closing his eyes, he attempted to love India." Chapter 30, pg. 298

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Aziz announces his wish to find a post as a doctor in a Muslim state in India, free from British control. Aziz's friends begin to tell him a rumor that has been spreading around Chandrapore: Fielding and Adela were having an affair. This news strikes a cord in Aziz--he declares he has no true friends.

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