Chapter 28 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 28

A cult for Mrs. Moore develops in Chandrapore. Though Mrs. Moore wished to leave India, Ronny feels guilty about the death of his mother since he knew that sending her off in the heat of the season would jeopardize her health. She had been an annoyance to him and a poor influence on Adela. Planning her burial arrangement, Ronny realizes that he knows very little about his mother's religious traditions. Ronny is devoid of religious spirit:

"Ronny's religion was of the sterilized Public School brand, which never goes bad, even in the tropics. Wherever he entered, mosque, cave or temple, he retained the spiritual outlook of the fifth form, and condemned as 'weakening' any attempt to understand them." Chapter 28, pg. 286

Ronny also terminates his engagement to Adela. Her involvement in the Marabar incident killed off any love, which was never strong in the first place.

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