Chapter 27 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 27

Aziz and Fielding talk about plans for the future while lying around at Nawab Bahadur's, or Mr. Zulfiqar's party. He tells Fielding that he wants nothing to do with the British except for him. Fielding, however, tries to convince Aziz to drop the fees against Adela. Aziz refuses sharply and believes he deserves to collect money from her. Fielding tries to convince Aziz that Adela was brave to come forward with the truth and insists that she must not get the worst treatment of both worlds. Aziz tells Fielding the only way he will relent is if Mrs. Moore gives him the approval. Fielding does not understand his attachment to the old woman. Aziz tells him that Mrs. Moore was like an Oriental and that he would not understand because he measures his emotions, a very western trait.

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Finally, Fielding has to tell Aziz that Mrs. Moore is dead. Aziz does not believe she is dead because she does not feel dead.

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