Chapter 26 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 26

Adela and Fielding are alone. Fielding has little interest in hearing what she has to say, but is finally interested when she mentions that her echo is now gone. She tells him that she was ill ever since she got to the cave. This confirms Fielding's first suspicion that she hallucinated. Hamidullah walks in, ready to take Fielding away. Fielding tries to figure out what to do with Adela. Though Hamidullah disapproves, Fielding suggests that she remain in the college. Hamidullah warns that McBryde's thugs might try and find Fielding there and attack. Adela does not want to impose on anyone. Ronny comes to Fielding's with a telegram. The telegram says that Mrs. Moore has died. They believe heat caused her death. Hamidullah is brutal and offers no sympathy regarding her death. Adela is shaken. She chooses to remain inside the college while Ronny waits outside for her. She wants to be alone and decides to remain there for a while. On the way to the party, Fielding is surprised to learn that Aziz will ask for 20,000 rupees from Adela for damages. Fielding believes this is harsh, since he is beginning to sympathize with Adela. Fielding and Hamidullah decide not to tell Aziz about Mrs. Moore until after the party so he can enjoy himself.

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