Chapter 25 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 25

Celebrations and processions are taking place outside the court. Adela walks into a mass of Indians through the crowded streets and bazaar. People who were celebrating her didn't even recognize her and some children put a floral garland around her head. Adela bumps into Fielding. She tries to ignore him, but he is worried about her wandering off alone in the streets. He puts Adela into his carriage and has to skip out on Aziz's procession and celebration. He takes Adela to his office at the Government College and tries to contact someone to watch over her. The procession passes him by, but he is unable to join them. The procession passes the hospital where British officials are treating Nawab Bahadur's grandson for wounds inflicted on him. A crowd gathers there chanting angrily against the British. At first, Nawab Bahadur tries to make the crowd rational and calm. When Nureddin, the grandson, emerges, his face covered in bandages, Nawab Bahadur is angry and announces that he has given up his British title and will now be known as Mr. Zulfiqar.

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