Chapter 19 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 19

Hamidullah waits to see McBryde and notices Aziz's possessions being dragged inside by a dirty police officer. Hamidullah sees Fielding and he frantically reviews different strategies to fight the charge with him. He believes they should come on strong, bringing in controversial and vocal barristers in Aziz's defense. Fielding calms him down and tells him to let the events play out. Hamidullah is impressed by Fielding's loyalty to the Indians' side. Fielding wishes, however, that he could be more low-key and not seen as completely anti-British. Fielding obtains a permit to visit Aziz, who is miserable. He also tries to write a letter to Adela to convince her to drop the charges, though it is likely it will never reach her.

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