Chapter 17 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 17

Fielding walks into Turton's office. Turton tells Fielding that Adela has been "insulted" in the caves. Fielding feels sickened by the accusation, refusing to believe that his friend Aziz was responsible. Turton had called Fielding into his office to exonerate him since he was seen with Aziz. Fielding does not accept and snaps at Turton, calling Adela "mad." Turton is angered by Fielding's response and says:

"'I have had twenty five years experience of this country--and twenty five years seemed to fill the waiting room with their staleness and ungeneroisity--and during those twenty five years, I have never known anything but disaster result when English people and Indians attempt to be intimate socially.'" Chapter 17, pg. 182

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Turton is as intent on avenging Adela as much as Fielding is intent on clearing Aziz's name. Turton invites Fielding to the club for a town meeting. Turton becomes frustrated with Fielding, who reminded Turton that they needed to wait for evidence; Fielding is still being reasonable, while the rest of the English are up in arms. All of India is full of emotion. Riots and demonstrations take place.

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