Chapter 16 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 16

Aziz realizes that Adela has gone missing. He knows it will be impossible to find her amid all the caves. Aziz hears a car pull up on the road from Chandrapore towards Marabar. Aziz guesses that Adela jumped in the car. On his way back to his camp, he finds Adela's glasses and slips them into his pocket. Aziz sees Fielding who got a ride in Miss Derek's car and found his way to the picnic camp. Both he and Mrs. Moore are curious about Adela's whereabouts, but Aziz insists she took off in Miss Derek's car. Meanwhile, Mrs. Moore has grown cynical and loses the love and zeal she had for India that she had in the beginning. After the picnic is over, Aziz and Fielding talk about the relations between English and Indians on the way to the train. Fielding tells Aziz that the picnic was not about English and Indians, but about friends.

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When the train arrives in Chandrapore, Aziz is arrested. Mr. Haq, who performs the arrest, won't tell Fielding on what grounds Aziz is being arrested. Fielding publicly pledges his support for Aziz.

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