Chapter 13 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 13

Adela and Mrs. Moore become offended that Aziz has forgotten about his offer to show the women the caves. After learning of their disappointment, Aziz, who thought the invitation was long forgotten, starts to make arrangements for his picnic at the caves. He secures Fielding and Godbole as companions on the picnic. Though the ladies accept the invitation, no one is excited about the picnic. The arrangements become rather costly for Aziz, who is very careful to make sure that everything goes right and that everyone is accommodated. His friends advise him that mixing with English ladies is a bad idea.

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The ladies arrive at the train station alone, without Fielding. He puts them in the purdah section of the train, while he frantically waits for Godbole and Fielding. As the train begins to run, Aziz sees the two men arriving at the station. Aziz tries to pull Fielding on the train, hanging outside the carriage close to the platform, but Mrs. Moore protests, assuring Aziz that everything will be all right without them. One of Godbole's prayers took too long and held up their arrival. Meanwhile, a servant that Ronny sent with his women tries to come along on the trip to ensure their safety, but Mrs. Moore and Adela insists that he go away. Mrs. Moore then tells Aziz that they can all be Muslims together.

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This remark impresses Aziz and reminds him of his feelings for Mrs. Moore, "All the love he felt for her at the Mosque welled up again, the fresher for forgetfulness." Chapter 13, pg. 145

Adela also assures Aziz that they feel they are in good hands. Aziz once again feels important and competent.

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