Chapter 11 Notes from A Passage to India

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A Passage to India Chapter 11

Aziz calls Fielding back in his house. He is ashamed of his quarters and wants to find a way to offer Fielding hospitality. He takes out a picture of his dead wife, his most valued possession. Fielding notes to Aziz that he should not be allowed to see his wife, who would have been in the purdah. Aziz tells him he would have told his wife that Fielding was his brother and allowed him to see her. He says that Fielding has behaved like his brother. Fielding replies, "And when the whole world behaves as such, there will be no more purdah?" Chapter 11, pg. 126

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This response is why Aziz respects Fielding--he understands his emotions. He is thankful that Fielding visited him again even though Aziz was short with him. Aziz and Fielding discuss marriage and Aziz is curious why the middle-aged Fielding has never married nor had a child. Fielding remarks that he does not want anyone to fuss over him and he is not worried that his name will not be carried on. Aziz is fascinated by the notion that Fielding has nothing to lose:

"But he [Aziz] himself was rooted in society and Islam. He belonged to a tradition, which bound him, and he had brought children into the world, the society of the future. Though he lived so vaguely in this flimsy bungalow, nevertheless he was placed, placed." Chapter 11, pg. 131

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