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Paradise Lost Book 7

Milton makes his third invocation, this time to Urania, asking the goddess what caused Adam and Eve to "transgress, and slight that sole command, so easily obeyed amid the choice of all tastes else to please their appetite." Book 7, lines 47-9.

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The action shifts back to Adam, who wants to know how the world of heaven and earth first began, with special attention to why Eden was created. Raphael replies that he will not deny Adam knowledge, although he might not do the story justice. Raphael explains that God decided to create another world after Satan and his followers went to hell. After the people in this new world spend enough time being obedient, heaven and earth will become "one kingdom, joy and union without end." Book 7, line 161.

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Next, Raphael relates the story of creation, which does not deviate greatly from Genesis. On the first and second days, God created heaven, earth, light, day, and night. On the third day, dry land is created on earth; mountains emerge, seas are created, and grass and fruit-yielding trees appear. The fourth day features the creation of the sun, moon, and stars. On the fifth day, reptiles are generated in the waters and fowl in the air. The sixth day sees the creation of cattle and creeping things: beasts, bees, and most interestingly, the serpent that was not harmful, but obedient.

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Then man was formed to govern over all in the image of God, and then woman was formed from man.

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There is one rule for the man and woman: they mustn't eat from the Tree of Knowledge, or else they will die. This ends the sixth day, and God spends the seventh day resting while heaven rejoices. The angels sing that God used Satan's evil to create more good and another heaven in the newly created world.

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