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Paradise Lost Book 6

Abdiel returned to God, who praised him for upholding the truth against Satan and his followers, and having words stronger than their arms. Archangels Michael and Gabriel were sent to lead the good angels in battle against Satan and his followers. The goal was to drive them out of heaven into what would be hell. But Satan's forces were prepared for the fight, since they had planned the night before to take God by surprise. Abdiel encountered Satan once again, this time telling him "I alone seemed in thy world erroneous to dissent from all: my sect thou seest, now learn too late how few sometimes may know, when thousands err." Book 6, lines 145-8. Satan argued back that sloth made Abdiel and others follow God, and that their freedom came with the price of servility. Abdiel replied that Satan is not free, but "entralled" to himself. He told Satan to reign in hell, while he serves in heaven. Then Abdiel struck Satan.

After Abdiel's initial blow, millions of angels on either side began to fight. Michael and Satan sword fight, and although Michael jabbed Satan, he healed rapidly since he is an angel and can't die. Meanwhile, Gabriel pierced Moloch and other angels fought. Raphael explains that Satan and his followers were at a disadvantage; they had disobeyed God and brought evil upon themselves. God's followers had an advantage; they were innocent, defending God, and refusing to sin and disobey His rule.

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Fighting ceased for the night, and Satan relished in the fact that he cannot be mortally wounded. He and his followers prepared a new weapon for the next day of fighting: cannons. These were successful the next day, until Michael and the good angels moved mountains to disrupt Satan's success. God had been watching all of this, and reasoned that since the angels were created equally, the war would go on forever unless intervened. So, on the 3rd day, God sent his Son, and told him that only he can have the glory of ending the war. With thousands of thunderbolts and chariots, the Son went to take on Satan's forces. Satan and his followers envied the Son's glory, and the Son started to throw 10,000 thunderbolts at them, but stopped halfway, since his purpose wasn't to destroy them, but banish them from heaven. Heaven opened wide and a spacious gap into an abyss appeared. Satan and his followers fell for 9 days into hell. Hell closed up, and heaven, free of Satan's burden, rejoiced.

Raphael, finished for the time being with his history lesson, informs Adam that Satan is trying to seduce him into disobeying God. He tells Adam "warn thy weaker" (Eve), and "let it profit thee to have heard by terrible example the reward of disobedience." Book 6, line 909-11. Raphael leaves, telling Adam to fear transgression.

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