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Paradise Lost Book 5

Adam and Eve wake up from their slumber, and Eve tells Adam about a disturbing dream she had: what appeared to be an angel offered her fruit from the Tree of Knowledge, telling her she could be a goddess if she ate it. They flew up to the clouds, but then he disappeared. She sank down, and then awakened from her dream. Adam assures her it was just a dream, and they go off to work in the fields, not before saying a prayer for nature and animals to praise and be in awe of God.

Meanwhile, up in heaven, God tells Archangel Raphael to converse with Adam, warn him of Satan's intentions, and remind him of his free will. Raphael sets off for earth, and Adam spies him coming. Adam instructs Eve to prepare dinner and goes to greet Raphael. Adam asks Raphael about heaven, but Raphael tells him he is incapable of comprehending anything beyond earth. Adam then asks what God's cautioning of obedience meant. Raphael explains how obedience is related to free will: if Adam errs, it is his choice to do so.

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At Adam's request, Raphael describes events in the past. Back in peaceful times, God told everyone to obey his Son. Everyone did, except for Satan, who had too much pride. Satan assembled about 1/3 of the angels against God and his Son, since they wanted as few people as possible to obey God.

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God saw the rebellion uprising, and warned the Son to prepare, lest they lose heaven. Meanwhile, Satan told his followers that they are not equal if they are forced to serve someone. One angel in the entourage, Abdiel, dared to go against the trend and opposed Satan. Abdiel argued that since God made them, they should respect him. Satan countered that yes, God made them, but not the Son - therefore the Son can be disrespected.

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