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Volume 3, Chapter 12 Notes from Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Volume 3, Chapter 12

Elizabeth doesn't know what to makes of Darcy's behavior, so she decides that how he acts at the dinner party will tell her how he feels. Although Bingley sits next to Jane, Darcy is seated next to Mrs. Bennet, and Elizabeth can't even talk with him after dinner because she is serving coffee and remains surrounded by ladies. Even when he comes back for a refill, they only speak a few words before some woman interrupts them. Darcy and Bingley leave without Elizabeth ever really having a chance to talk with Darcy. She realizes that she cares for him a great deal, but she sees the impossibility of him ever proposing to her again because he is such a proud man and she was so terrible to him the first time he proposed.

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Jane tells Elizabeth that she does not care for Bingley as more than just friends, which isn't true. She just doesn't want to mistake his feelings for her again. But Elizabeth knows that Jane and Bingley will be engaged soon.

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