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Volume 3, Chapter 4 Notes from Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Volume 3, Chapter 4

Elizabeth got two letters from Jane the next morning. From the letters she learned that Lydia had eloped with Wickham, but the family has reason to believe that they have not actually married, which is more disgraceful than the elopement. The colonel that Lydia was staying with had been unable to find Wickham and Lydia, and Mr. Bennet couldn't find them either, but they had reason to believe that Wickham and Lydia were hiding out in London.

Before Elizabeth can go find her aunt and uncle, Darcy comes in. Elizabeth is upset and she tells him what she's learned and that she must go home to Longbourn immediately. Elizabeth admits that she feels responsible because she didn't tell anyone about Wickham's true nature and now her whole family would be disgraced. Darcy's quiet pacing makes Elizabeth certain that she's lost all hope of his affections because of Lydia's impropriety. When the Gardiners return and hear the news, they all leave immediately for Longbourn.

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