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Volume 3, Chapter 1 Notes from Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Volume 3, Chapter 1

Pemberley is beautiful, and Elizabeth can't help but think that she could have been mistress of it all. Mrs. Gardiner and Mr. Gardiner keep Darcy's housekeeper engaged in conversation and Elizabeth is relieved to hear that Darcy isn't expected back at Pemberley until next day. Elizabeth and her aunt and uncle learn that Darcy is, according to his housekeeper, a kind, generous, good-tempered man. The housekeeper's account of Darcy doesn't necessarily blend with Elizabeth's expectations, but her feelings for him soften into admiration before the tour of his home is finished because of the housekeeper's warm praise of her master. She thinks that the portraits of him bring out a handsomeness she had never fully noted before, and she considers that he doesn't seem nearly so repulsive to her as he did when he proposed to her.

Elizabeth and her family are surprised when Darcy himself interrupts their meeting with the gardener. Both Elizabeth and Darcy are uncomfortable, but Darcy is more polite than Elizabeth has ever seen him and she wonders why his manner is so changed. As she and her the Gardiners tour the grounds of Pemberley, Elizabeth can't take her mind off Darcy and his unsure behavior. She is even more surprised when Darcy comes out onto the grounds to speak with her again.

Elizabeth introduces Darcy to her aunt and uncle and is surprised again when he is friendly to them. He invites her uncle to fish at Pemberley while he is in town, and Elizabeth is happy that she has some relatives she doesn't have to be ashamed of. Darcy walks Elizabeth back to the carriage and she explains that she had been told that he wouldn't be back until the following day. She's embarrassed that he might think that she's thrown herself into his path. Darcy tells her that Bingley and his sisters will arrive at Pemberley tomorrow. He mentions that his sister, Miss Darcy, will be with them. Elizabeth is amazed when Darcy asks if he may introduce her to his sister. Such a gesture must mean that he still cares for her, but she can't believe that after the way that she refused his proposal he might still care for her. Despite her confusion and surprise, she agrees to meet Miss Darcy.

The Gardiners are impressed with Darcy, but they still think that he mistreated Wickham. Elizabeth, without betraying Darcy's confidence, explains to her aunt and uncle as much as she can about what really happened between Wickham and Darcy. Elizabeth spends the rest of the day puzzling over Darcy's behavior.

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