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Volume 2, Chapter 19 Notes from Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Volume 2, Chapter 19

After Lydia leaves for Brighton, Kitty pouts for a while. Elizabeth begins to look forward to her vacation with her aunt and uncle, but she's disappointed when she learns that the trip will have to be postponed and shortened because her uncle must work. Instead of touring the lake region, they will only be able to make it as far north as Derbyshire. Elizabeth worries that she might run into Darcy while they're in Derbyshire because Pemberley, his home, is in that county, but when she rationalizes that the odds are slim that she'll run into him, she is excited about the trip again.

Elizabeth's vacation is wonderful until her aunt and uncle propose going to Pemberley to tour the estate. Elizabeth can't tell them that she can't go there and risk seeing Darcy because then she'll have to explain their complicated relationship and all that's happened between them. After finding out that Darcy and his friends are out of town, however, she looks forward to seeing the estate.

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