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Volume 2, Chapter 13 Notes from Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Volume 2, Chapter 13

Elizabeth doesn't know what to think of the letter. At first she doesn't believe Darcy's claims about Bingley and Jane or Wickham. But when she rereads the part of the letter about Wickham she realizes that Darcy's account of the story begins to seem right when she thinks about the way that she completely believed Wickham's story without any verification from anyone or any proof of his character. She believed him because she liked him, because he was charming and pleasant and handsome. Wickham had told her this very personal story only the second time they met when she was still a complete stranger to him. Why would he have done that? Then, although he'd said that he wouldn't back away from Darcy because he was in the right, he didn't show up at Netherfield because he didn't want to run into Darcy. And finally, Wickham had said that he'd not tell anyone else how Darcy mistreated him out of respect for the memory of Darcy's father, but as soon as Darcy was out of town, Wickham told everyone to gain their sympathy, and it had worked. Elizabeth had never seen Wickham do anything kind or honest or good that vouched for his character, but she's believed him good because she'd wanted him to be good just as she'd believed Darcy bad because he hadn't been pleasing or flattering to her.

After realizing the truth in Darcy's explanation about Wickham, she also remembers that Charlotte had warned her that Jane's composure around Bingley could very well be mistaken for a lack of interest, and Elizabeth hadn't believed her. But it seems that Charlotte was right.

Elizabeth goes back to the parsonage and learns that both Darcy and Colonel Fitzwilliam have come by to say goodbye because they are leaving the following morning.

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