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Volume 2, Chapter 5 Notes from Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Volume 2, Chapter 5

Elizabeth leaves London with Sir William and Maria, and they head to Hunsford and Rosings where Collins has his parish. Elizabeth is anxious to see Charlotte and is excited for the visit despite the fact that she'll have to be around Collins.

The parsonage is small, but well kept, which Elizabeth credits to Charlotte. Although she has been expecting a great difference in their friendship, Elizabeth finds that she and Charlotte get along just as well as ever when Collins isn't around. The way that Collins points out all the advantages of his home and his connections to Lady Catherine De Bourgh, Elizabeth feels like he's trying to show her all that she missed out on when she refused to marry him. Elizabeth is unmoved.

Lady De Bourgh herself is a great source of pride for Collins, and he boasts of his relationship with her. He is certain that Elizabeth will be awed and humbled by his patroness whenever they meet, and he is very excited to report to Elizabeth that Miss De Bourgh has stopped by to invite the Collinses and their guests to dinner at Rosings the next day.

Elizabeth saw Miss De Bourgh from the window when her carriage stopped at the parsonage. She can't help but remember Wickham's comment that Darcy and Miss De Bourgh were practically betrothed from the cradle. Elizabeth is happy to see that Miss De Bourgh looks sickly and unhappy, and Elizabeth thinks that a girl with such a disposition will be exactly what Darcy deserves.

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