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Volume 2, Chapter 4 Notes from Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Volume 2, Chapter 4

Elizabeth embarks on the trip to Hunsford to see Charlotte. Elizabeth, Sir William, and his other daughter, Maria, stop in London to stay with the Gardiners overnight. Jane is happy to see her sister, but Elizabeth feels like Jane is still in low spirits over Bingley. When there is an opportunity, Elizabeth talks with her aunt about Jane and learns that she has been a little down despite her attempts hide it. Mrs. Gardiner asks about Wickham again, and Elizabeth gives her the scoop on Wickham's interest in the newly rich girl in Hertfordshire. Aggravated over the behavior of these men she'd thought so highly of, Elizabeth declares that "Stupid men are the only ones worth knowing after all." Volume 2, Chapter 4, pg. 107 To ease what Mrs. Gardiner imagines to be her neice's disappointment over Wickham, she invites Elizabeth to go with the Gardiners on vacation the following summer. Elizabeth excitedly accepts the invitation although she isn't upset over Wickham.

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