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Volume 2, Chapter 1 Notes from Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Volume 2, Chapter 1

Miss Bingley sends Jane another letter to tell her that they aren't coming back to Netherfield. Under the pretense of affection, Miss Bingley also confides to Jane that her brother, Bingley, and Miss Darcy grow closer each day. Jane's hopes are crushed and Elizabeth is furious because she believes that Bingley liked Jane and is being manipulated by his self-serving sisters and Darcy. Jane, however, chooses to believe that Bingley's sisters are just pushing for Miss Darcy to get together with him because that will be the best decision for his happiness.

Mrs. Bennet causes Jane more pain about Bingley by constantly talking about him. Once it is certain that Bingley and Darcy are not coming back to Netherfield, Wickham tells everyone in Meryton how Darcy cheated him out of his rightful inheritance, although Wickham had told Elizabeth that he would not make these accusations public out of respect for Darcy's dead father. All of Meryton feels justified in hating Darcy now even though they've disliked him all along because he is proud and snobby.

Wickham visits Longbourn often, and Elizabeth enjoys his company a great deal.

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