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Volume 1, Chapter 10 Notes from Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Volume 1, Chapter 10

Elizabeth joins the Netherfield household in the parlor that night, and she and Darcy get into a playful argument, but Bingley stops the dispute because he doesn't like disagreements. The next day while Darcy is walking with Miss Bingley in the garden, she is making fun of him for liking Elizabeth when they run into Elizabeth on the path while she is walking with Bingley's other sister, Mrs. Hurst . Then, just to be rude, Mrs. Hurst links her arm through Darcy's as Miss Bingley has done so that there is no more room on the path for Elizabeth to walk beside them. Darcy tries to find a way to resolve the situation and make up for their rudeness, but Elizabeth, too proud to be pacified, tells them that she would prefer to walk alone anyway.

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