Chapter 11 Notes from The Outsiders

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The Outsiders Chapter 11

Ponyboy stays in bed for a week, recovering. Bored, he draws, reads, and looks through Soda's yearbook. Suddenly he sees a picture of Bob. For the first time, he thinks about who Bob really was. "I looked at the picture and I could begin to see the person we had killed. A reckless, hot-tempered boy, cocky and scared stiff at the same time." Chapter 11, pg. 162 Just then, Randy comes over. Ponyboy realizes that while he was embarrassed about his house when his other friends visited him (he knows his family is obviously poor) he doesn't care what Randy thinks. Randy looks uncomfortable. He reminds Pony that they have to go to trial tomorrow. They will have to explain to a judge exactly what happened the night Bob died. He tells Ponyboy he feels bad for his parents: he didn't want to hurt them by getting in trouble like this. Ponyboy tells him that his parents are dead and he could be taken away from Darry and Soda, and Randy is shocked. He had no idea Ponyboy's life could be so damaged by this ordeal. He tries to tell Ponyboy that there's no reason for him to get into trouble, but Pony says, "I had the knife. I killed Bob." Chapter 11, pg. 165 He tells Randy that Johnny is not dead. Randy gives him a strange look. Just then, Darry comes in, and Pony overhears him whisper to Randy that the doctor says Pony is still very upset about the killings, but he will get over it if they give him time. Darry speaks kindly to Pony, and Pony realizes that he is beginning to treat him the way he treats Soda.

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