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The Outsiders Objects/Places

Greasers : The gang of young boys that Ponyboy and his friends belong to. They are poor, and many of them are abused. They are called greasers because of the hair oil they use. Most of the town thinks they are bad, even though they are no worse than their rivals, the clean-cut Socs.

Socs: The rich enemies of the greasers. The Socs, or 'Socials,' are often considered an asset to society even though they are violent, immature, and misdirected. They are often crueler than the greasers, attacking boys much smaller than themselves. However, Ponyboy is able to make friends with a few of them.

Mickey Mouse: Sodapop's horse. Though the horse belonged to Soda's boss, Soda felt like he was his, because he only obeyed Soda. When the boss sold the horse, Soda cried for days. Ponyboy sees this as terribly unfair: Soda cared about the horse, but the boss had the power to sell him anyway.

Blue Mustang: Like many Socs, Bob drives a Mustang. His is blue, and it is a source of great fear for Johnny and Ponyboy. Johnny recognizes it because Bob beat him up before.

Church : The abandoned church in Windrixville is where Johnny and Pony hide after Johnny kills Bob. They sleep on the cold floor and eat baloney sandwiches. They play cards and, most importantly, read Gone with the Wind. They also watch the sunset from the steps of the church.

Gone with the Wind: The book that Johnny and Pony read together when they are hiding in the church. Johnny loves the idea of the Southern gentleman, and Ponyboy realizes that Johnny idolizes Dallas, thinking of him as a gallant gentleman. Johnny gives Pony the book before he dies, with a note that tells him not to give up.

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