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On the Road Part 1, Chapter 9

For the next five days, Sal does not see Carlo and Dean because he goes for a trip to the mountains. Sal, Ray Rawlins, Tim Gray and Roland Major, all go to the semi-ghost town Central City. They find an abandoned miner's house that they clean out for a party. While they clean the house, Sal accompanies Babe Rawlins to the nearby opera. He gets lost in the story and loves it. They return to the house where Roland is refusing to help everyone else clean. They call in strangers from the street to help clean up with the promise of a good party. When the work is over, Sal, Tim and Ray go into town and steal razors and toiletries from the dressing rooms of opera singers. After some beer, they return to the house where the girls are cooking food for the party. When the party starts, crowds of girls come in from the streets.

"We grabbed them and danced. There was no music, just dancing. The place filled up. People began to bring bottles. We rushed out to hit the bars and rushed back. The night was getting more and more frantic. I wished Dean and Carlo were there- then I realized that they'd be out of place and unhappy. They were like the man with the dungeon stone and the gloom, rising from the underground, the sordid hipsters of America, a new beat generation that I was slowly joining." Part 1, Chapter 9, pg. 53-4

They drink more and neck with girls. Opera performers and teenage boys flood the place. The girls start to leave. Tim,Ray and Sal leave the party for the a bar called The Denver Doll. Ray punches a tourist. The other two take him back to the party, but he eventually returns to the bar and calls the waitress a whore. A group of men chase him out. Everyone falls asleep at the house and in the morning they leave again.

"Suddenly we came down from the mountain and overlooked the great sea-plain of Denver; heat rose as from an oven. We began to sing songs. I was itching to get on to San Francisco." Part 1, Chapter 9, pg. 56

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