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On the Road Part 1, Chapter 7

Sal moves into a nice apartment with Roland Major. Roland is also a writer, but he writes short stories.

The two become good friends. The Rawlinses, their friends, live a few blocks away. Sal asks about Dean, but gets no real answers. In a couple of days, Carlo Marx calls him and gives him his address. At this point, Dean has two women, one wife and one girlfriend. Carlo informs Sal of Dean's schedule: He has sex with Marylou, sex with Camille, and then he does Benzedrine for the rest of the night with Carlo. So far, the women do not know about each other. Dean is getting a divorce with Marylou, but she still wants to have sex with him in the meantime. Later they find Dean naked at Camille's where he tells his girlfriend that he must go out and celebrate Sal's arrival. He promises that he will be back in exactly two hours. Dean tells Sal that he will introduce him to Reta Bettencourt, a waitress with "sexual differences". Sal asks the pair what they are doing in Denver, and Dean promises Sal a job the next day, because he and Carlo are broke. They go to the Bettencourt house, but only Mary, Reta's sister, is home. They call over Ray Rawlins, who fools around with Mary and soon Dean leaves to rejoin Camille. Ray calls a car and they all go to Sal's apartment, but Roland won't let them in because he doesn't want them to wreck the place. They go back into Denver and Sal realizes that he has lost the last of his money.

"I walked five miles up Colfax to my comfortable bed in the apartment. Major had to let me in. I wondered if Dean and Carlo were having their heart-to-heart. I would find out later. The nights in Denver are cool, and I slept like a log." Part 1, Chapter 7, pg. 46

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