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On the Road Part 4, Chapter 5

They arrive in a town and get out of the car. They buy beer for 10 cents a bottle and cigarettes for 6 cents a pack. Dean gets more excited as they drive further into Mexico. Stan remains calm as Sal and Dean get wilder. They talk about the past and future of the country and the 767 miles to Mexico City. In a town called Sabinas Hidalgo, they stop to meet the locals. Girls ask where they are going. Dean is amazed by everyone they meet. They get gas and food on the road toward Monterrey. Monterrey is filled with factories and they don't stop for long because they are so eager for Mexico City. The weather gets really hot as they pass through poor areas and swamps. Dean wants to stop and fool around with some of the girls. Sal drives and is surprised by everything; Mexico is so different. He talks about the Native Americans as the fathers of mankind. Sal has promised to get Dean a girl, and they stop near Gregoria. He asks a peddler named Victor to find them girls. They follow Victor, also in search of marijuana. At Victor's house, they get marijuana and he rolls a large joint for all of them to smoke.

They bounce back to town in search of the girls. As Victor speaks Spanish, Dean pretends to understand while the drugs affect him more and more. At Victor's house, Victor shows off his six-month old child to an impressed Dean. They all wish to have a child like his. They leave the baby and go to the whorehouse where they pay off cops and find girls everywhere with the music blaring. They dance wildly with the girls, the wildest by far being half Native American and half Venezuelan. Sal wants a colored girl but feels bad because her mother is in the room. The half Native American follows them around and clings to Sal. Victor stays at the bar, loyal to his wife. They buy him drinks.

"Soon it would be mysterious night in old gone Gregoria. The mambo never let up for a moment, it frenzied on like an endless journey in the jungle. I couldn't take my eyes off the little dark girl and the way, like a queen, she walked around and was even reduced by the sullen bartender to menial tasks such as bringing us drinks and sweeping the back." Part 4, Chapter 5, pg. 289

Sal decides he is in love with this girl. When they leave, the tab is 36 dollars. Stan must be removed because he wants to stay so badly. The girls wave goodbye and Victor takes them to a bath house on the edge of town. Victor asks them to comeback sometime and they say that they might as they leave.

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