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On the Road Part 4, Chapter 2

Sal takes the Washington bus and sings a song about never finding home. The landscape blurs by and he meets a man named Henry Glass who is just coming from a federal prison. Henry eats only candy because his stomach is messed up, and he talks about the bible. He was in prison because he cut someone's throat with a jackknife when he was thirteen. On the way to Colorado, Sal takes Henry to his brother's in Testament, Virginia. In Colorado, Henry tires to pawn his suit and calls up Tim Gray with whom he spends all his money. Tim has just come from France with a man named Stan Shepherd who is excited to meet Sal. Sal is planning to go to Mexico and Stan wants to go with him.

"Okay, it was agreed, Stan was coming with me, He was a rangy, bashful, shock-haired Denver boy with a big con-man smile and slow, easy-going Gary Cooper movements. 'Hot Damn' he said and stuck his thumbs in his belt and ambled down the street, swaying from side to side but slowly." Part 4, Chapter 2, pg. 258

They spend a week in bars listening to jazz and fooling around with waitresses. They try to convince Tim to come with them, but he won't. Sal finds out that Dean is coming to meet him in Denver and he knows that Dean has lost his mind again. Stan worries that Dean won't let him tag along to Mexico.

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