Part 3, Chapter 10 Notes from On the Road

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On the Road Part 3, Chapter 10

They park the car and wash up at the YMCA, where the two Jesuit boys get a room. They go out and follow some musicians after following a woman around. There are white and black musicians in a saloon who play well and Sal recounts the history of music from Armstrong to ragtime to Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie. A young kid with a trombone comes in and tries to play--Sal and Dean leave for another bar. They follow the musicians and try to pick up girls during the breaks. Dean wrecks the car by backing into hydrants. They find the jazz pianist George Shearing again. At nine in the morning everyone goes home. Dean and Sal relinquish the limousine to its owner's mechanic. For some reason, the owner never complains.

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