Part 3, Chapter 8 Notes from On the Road

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On the Road Part 3, Chapter 8

In the morning, they inspect the car and discover that it belongs to a policeman. They have to leave town quickly. At the travel bureau, they get an offer to drive a limousine to Chicago. They get excited. Dean immediately takes the car to get gas and comes back after having taken a waitress for a ride in it and having sex with her. They pick up some Jesuit College passengers. Outside Denver, Dean breaks the speedometer because he is driving too fast. He continues to drive like a maniac after taking his shirt off and talking about divorcing Camille to marry the recent waitress. They drive faster even though it is raining, and end up in a ditch. The passengers are frightened. A farmer pulls them out with his tractor for five dollars. The fender is crushed. Sal notices how beautiful the farmer's daughter is.

They arrive at Ed Wall's ranch, which is huge because his father had been very rich. Ed says that Dean is crazy. His wife serves a large meal to Sal, Dean, and the two Jesuit boys, while Dean tries to convince Ed that Sal owns the Cadillac limousine. Ed thinks that they have stolen it. He has lost faith in Dean. They leave after an hour.

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