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On the Road Part 3, Chapter 7

The next day, they go looking for a travel bureau ride, but there isn't one. Afterwards, they get a big quart of bourbon from the woman who paid for Sal to go to San Francisco. Dean is interested in a farm girl across the field and gets himself in trouble following her. Her mother comes out with a shotgun and a gang of boys. Sal calms them down and the pair go inside. Dean gets angry at a record and breaks it over his knee. Janet, the Okie woman, breaks a Dizzy Gillespie record over Dean's head.
Sal had given a letter to the money-and-bourbon woman's cousin to be sent to Old Bull Lee. In the letter he told Old Bull how easy things were for him because he was living off this woman. The cousin showed the letter to his aunt and she asks Sal and Dean to leave town.

"As the cab honked outside and the kids cried and the dogs barked and Dean danced with Frankie I yelled every conceivable curse I could think over that phone and added all kinds of new ones, and in my drunken frenzy I told everybody over the phone to go to hell and slammed it down and went out to get drunk." Part 3, Chapter 7, pg. 220

They go to a bar. Dean goes out and steals a car. Later, he comes back with a different one. Cops enter the bar to inquire but they find nothing. Dean runs out and steals another one. He tries to get Sal and some guy at the bar to come with him. They won't go. Janet and Sal take a cab away from the spectacle, and Dean follows in a stolen convertible. He turns around for no apparent reason, but comes back later with yet another car and collapses drunk. Sal wakes him up to ditch the car and has trouble sleeping himself.

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