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On the Road Part 3, Chapter 6

They decide to stay in Denver and look for Dean's dad. During dinner, Dean refers to Sal's older age and Sal snaps at him. Dean leaves the restaurant; Sal is mad for a moment but he feels bad soon after. Dean comes back in after five minutes and says that he was crying. They argue, but then Sal apologizes. They eat and leave to stay with an Okie family.

"These had been neighbors of mine in my Denver solitude of two weeks before. The mother was a wonderful woman in jeans who drove coal trucks in winter mountains to support her kids, four in all, her husband having left her years before when they were traveling around the country in a trailer." Part 3, Chapter 6, pg. 214

He describes the family in detail. Dean is delighted with the family, especially the mother. They drink some beer and stay there for awhile. Dean tries to help her buy a car but it doesn't work out. He gets frustrated and laments about his father. That night they plan to meet Dean's cousin, Sam Brady. Dean tells Sal that an old hobo told him his father was working in a bean shack in New England. He talks about Sam, the only man in his family who cares about him. Sam arrives and does not drink anymore because he is now religious. Sam talks to Dean only because he wants him to sign papers; he wants nothing to do with Dean or his father anymore. Sam buys them ice cream and Dean asks him about his family's past. They get dropped off at a carnival and they follow around some women and a Mexican midget. Dean doesn't talk to the women and they return to the Okie house where the daughter is afraid of Dean.

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