Part 3, Chapter 5 Notes from On the Road

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On the Road Part 3, Chapter 5

The travel bureau car they ride in is owned by a homosexual man going to Kansas. Dean alleges that the car itself is effeminate. They sit in the back of the car and talk about jazz, and Sal talks more than ever before. The two get excited and talk like crazy. They sweat with excitement. The people in the front seat are confused as Dean and Sal are "rocking the car" with their excitement. This is the first time that the pair has gone east together. They stop in Sacramento where the driver gets a room and tries to get Dean and Sal to come over for drinks because he likes them. Dean tries to get money from him but can't. When they leave the next day, Dean drives and speeds through Nevada frightening everyone except for Sal.

"I wasn't scared at all; I knew Dean. The people in the back seat were speechless. In fact they were afraid to complain: God knew what Dean would do, they thought, if they should ever complain." Part 3, Chapter 5, pg. 210

They drive quickly through the night, then Dean stops abruptly to sleep. The driver and other passengers criticize Dean, but Sal defends him. Dean wakes in Salt Lake City and the pair leave the car in Denver. Dean is home.

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