Part 3, Chapter 4 Notes from On the Road

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On the Road Part 3, Chapter 4

The girls leave with them into the night. Dean slowly begins to get wild again. They go to a jazz club and Dean falls into reverie. Jazz fills the room and Sal's mind. Dean sweats as Sal describes the musicians. Sal and Dean talk to a couple of musicians, and Dean asks them if there is a sister or friend he could 'ball' (have sex with).

They return to the action of the club and the girls are angry. They all get into the Cadillac of one of the musician's friends, and go to another club. They find Lampshade and Carlo Marx playing jazz. Sal stands outside as Dean calls Roy Johnson for another ride. They meet a man named Walter, and they go to his house for a beer, and end up waking his older wife, whom Sal thinks is the sweetest woman in the world. Dean idolizes her because she doesn't complain and is pleasant. They realize that they need to sleep but can't go back to Galatea's. They sleep in a friend's hotel room and go out the next morning to the travel bureau for a ride. When they go to Galatea's to pick up their bags, she says when Ed comes home, she plans to take him to the jazz club every night to get the craziness out of him. Sal showers and shaves and the two excitedly rush out to begin their journey.

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