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On the Road Part 3, Chapter 3

They go to a bar before they leave, and Dean quietly speaks of his father. The pair decide to do everything that they had not done before. Dean puts on a suit and they find Ray Johnson who promises to drive them around even though his wife is unhappy with the situation. They try to find Remi Boncoeur in Mill City, but he is gone. They sleep at Galatea's; Ed Dunkel has left for Denver. She thinks that he will come back. Ed is on his way to Portland, Maine with Tom Snark.

"'When Tom's money runs out Ed'll be back,' said Galatea looking at her cards. 'Damn fool--he doesn't know anything and never did. All he has to do is know that I love him.'" Part 3, Chapter 3, pg. 192

Sal decides that Galatea is all right. A girl named Marie comes over. Camille calls Galatea to tell her that Dean left, and Galatea says that Marylou was wise to leave him. Everyone in the room is mad at Dean. Galatea criticizes Dean and is not afraid of him. Sal thinks of defending him, but doesn't. Sal gets sadder and Dean gets silent. Sal says they are going to Italy and the girls look with disapproval. Sal then says they should go out to hear some jazz, and Galatea says that she wishes Dean were dead. No one in the room disagrees. Sal defends him, saying they all stay around because they are eager to know what Dean is going to do next. Galatea tells him that he doesn't really know Dean.

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