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On the Road Part 2, Chapter 11

Dean finds him and asks about Marylou. Sal tells him that she is gone. He spends a few days in Camille's house. Dean gets a job selling pressure cookers but stops after a few days. He talks about another job but doesn't commit to anything. Dean is beginning to tire of his family/job routine. On another night they go out and go crazy again; they go to a night club and listen to some jazz. Sal describes the jazz reverie of the pianist, Slim Galliard. Sal meets a man named Lampshade and they go in and out of musical saloons meeting people. Dean and Sal do this for a week as Sal awaits his GI check. When he gets it, he is ready to go:

"What I accomplished by going to Frisco I don't know. Camille wanted me to leave; Dean didn't care one way or the other. I bought a loaf of bread and meats and made myself ten sandwiches to cross the country with again; they were all going to go rotten on me by the time I got to Dakota." Part 2, Chapter 11, pages 177-8.

Marylou and Dean take Sal to the bus station. They ask for some of his sandwiches, but he doesn't give them any. Sal thinks, "We were all thinking we'd never see one another again and we didn't care." Part 2, Chapter 11, pg. 178. He leaves.

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