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On the Road Part 2, Chapter 9

They pick up an Okie whose guitar and clothing were stolen by his last ride. Dean coasts down hills to conserve gas. They descend into California.

"Suddenly we were all excited. Dean wanted to tell me everything he knew about Bakersfield as we reached the city limits. He showed me rooming houses where he stayed, rail-road hotels, poolhalls, diners, sidings where he jumped off the engine for grapes, Chinese restaurants where he ate, park benches where he met girls and certain places where he'd done nothing but sit and wait around." Part 2, Chapter 9, pg. 168

Sal starts to think about Terry and his experience in Bakersfield. The Okie goes in search for his brother and brings back money. They arrive in San Francisco with just enough gas. They get out and Dean is eager to see Camille. Marylou says, "You see what a bastard he is?...Dean will leave you out in the cold anytime it's in his interest." Part 2, Chapter 9, pg. 170. Dean leaves them without money and disappears.

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