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On the Road Part 2, Chapter 7

Sal wakes up to find Old Bull Lee and Dean pulling nails from driftwood with plans to build a shelf. Old Bull Lee talks crazily about the dispensability of American consumer goods. He is always energetic in the morning, but because of his drug use, he spends most of his day in the chair on the porch. He tells stories to the pair: his aunt lost her diamond ring with her pinky finger; a man he knew would go on road trips from Texas to Maine; he built his kitchen table from driftwood and it is six inches thick. He goes to the bathroom to get his morning drug fix, and falls asleep on the porch with his son in his lap. Later on, Old Bull Lee and Sal go to check out bookies. Old Bull Lee loses money on slot machines. The name of a horse, Big Pop, reminds Sal that he misses his father.

They leave without any winnings. Old Bull Lee keeps saying that he thinks the living are always in contact with the dead. They get home and Jane sweeps the floor as Old Bull Lee does more drugs. They go outside and play basketball. Dean amazes Sal with his athletic ability and Old Bull Lee shows off some jujitsu. Dean says that the Lee's little girl will be beautiful when she grows up. They go into New Orleans and ride around on some trains as Dean tells his old train riding stories. Ed and Galatea decide to get a room in the city to find work. Dean, Marylou and Sal are waiting for Sal's GI check to come through so that they can get back on the road.

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