Part 2, Chapter 5 Notes from On the Road

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On the Road Part 2, Chapter 5

Sal's aunt thinks that Sal is wasting his time by travelling. Sal admits that he knows that it is wrong but he plans to go west anyway. He travels partially to watch Dean, and partially because he thinks he is going to get a chance with Marylou once they get to San Francisco and Dean returns to Camille. He lends money to Dean, who has spent all his time in Carlo's apartment. Carlo has developed the "voice of the rock" and he questions everyone's lives. He intends to scare people into changing their habits. Dean takes Sal aside and tells him that he wants him to have sex with Marylou. They go to a bar and then back to the apartment looking for her. Sal has his doubts and Dean wants to watch them. Sal says he can't do it but that he will make love to her in San Fran. Dean and Marylou go to sleep. Carlo comes back at dawn. Marylou comes out in the morning bruised up and Dean is full of scratches from their wild sex. They go back to Sal's house. Old Bull Lee calls and asks what he should do with Galatea. Sal tells his aunt that he'll be back in two weeks. They leave.

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