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On the Road Part 2, Chapter 3

They stay at Sal's apartment. There is call from Old Bull Lee in New Orleans, where Ed's wife Galatea has shown up. Camille had also called looking for Dean. Carlo comes over, recently returned from Denver. They all listen to a music box, and Carlo addresses them all:

"'What is the meaning of this voyage to New York? What kind of sordid business are you on now? I mean, man, whither goest thou? Whither goest thou, America, in thy shiny car in the night?'" Part 2, Chapter 3, pg. 119

They don't really answer him and prepare to leave again. They promise to return in 30 hours for New Year's Eve. Ed and Marylou stay in Sal's apartment. They make it back to Virginia in 10 hours, listening to Dean talk about the existence of God all night. They turn around as soon as they pick up more furniture and Sal's aunt. All the way back, she listens to Dean's craziness. They get stopped for speeding and Sal's aunt pays the ticket.

They arrive in New York and Sal's aunt prepares a large breakfast for all of the weary travelers.

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