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Othello Topic Tracking: Revenge

Revenge 1: Iago's plot against Othello is partially motivated by revenge. He feels wronged because he was not made lieutenant. He is bitter and upset and wants to hurt Othello and avenge his name.

Revenge 2: Brabantio craves revenge for the loss of his daughter. He takes revenge by bringing Othello before the Duke to request his imprisonment.

Revenge 3: Iago develops his elaborate plot of revenge. He will implant a false sense of jealousy in Othello, thereupon destroying Othello's relationship with Desdemona.

Revenge 4: Again, Iago explains his plot. He describing his plan of action as a web in which he will catch a fly. The intricate deception all comes down to revenge.

Revenge 5: Iago plans to enlist his wife, Emilia, in his plot of revenge, unbeknownst to her. The web is growing to involve more family and people of importance.

Revenge 6: Emilia and Desdemona touch upon the theme of revenge lightly in this eloquent discussion. They discuss the necessary actions to take when husbands and wives are unfaithful...perhaps revenge is the appropriate course of action.

Revenge 7: Othello ponders his decision to kill Desdemona,partially motivated by revenge. He believes himself to be cuckolded by Desdemona and must defend his honor. At the same time, he feels that he must defend mankind and all other men from a woman who would betray her husband so. He ultimately decides that he must end her life.

Revenge 8: Othello is revenged when he injures Iago and forces him to live a life of pain. Othello avenges himself by committing suicide. He must die once he realizes what he has done. Roderigo is ultimately avenged, despite his death, when his letters are read aloud. Cassio is avenged through his promotion to General.

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