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Act 3, Scene 1: "Before the Citadel." Notes from Othello

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Othello Act 3, Scene 1: "Before the Citadel."

Cassio is entertained by musicians and a clown. Iago asks Cassio if he has spoken yet with Desdemona, to which Cassio replies negatively. Iago tells him that he will send for her and hide Othello in the meanwhile, and Cassio declares that "I [he] never knew a Florentine more kind and honest" than Iago Act 3, Scene 1. Everyone thinks Iago to be kind and honest, even as he schemes to destroy their lives.

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Emilia enters to calm Cassio's fears, stating that his master does still love him, but simply must take proper action. She sets up his meetings with Desdemona.

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