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Old Man and the Sea Topic Tracking: Paternalism

Paternalism 1: Santiago is a father figure to Manolin. Manolin is very loyal to Santiago, despite his bad luck. He recognizes the old man's knowledge and skill and wishes to learn from him, regardless of his success.

Paternalism 2: Santiago feels sorry for the Marlin and has almost father's sympathy for the fish after it attacked by sharks. He has been through so much with the fish that the sharks' attack on it is like an attack on his own child.

Paternalism 3: Manolin finds Santiago face down on his bed and starts to cry when he sees the old man's hands. He cares for Santiago like a father cares for a young son. Their roles are reversed.

Paternalism 4: The old man has recaptured his role as the boy's tutor and role model. The boy is eager to learn from the old man again. He ignores his biological father's wishes and pledges his loyalty, trust and admiration to Santiago.

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