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Old Man and the Sea Notes on the Fraternalism Themes

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Old Man and the Sea Topic Tracking: Fraternalism

Fraternalism 1: Santiago sees the sea as having human characteristics. His relationship with the sea is as deep as brotherhood.

Fraternalism 2: Santiago and the fish are equal adversaries. They have been tied together - both literally and figuratively. They are both alone, with no one to help them, out in the middle of the Gulf.

Fraternalism 3: Santiago feels guilty about killing the fish. He thinks of the fish as a fellow brother out at sea and has to convince himself to kill a brother.

Fraternalism 4: In its last moments of life, the marlin looks majestic. The old man appreciates the fish's greatness and majesty. Santiago feels sad about killing his brother.

Fraternalism 5: Santiago contemplates why he killed the marlin, whom he loved and respected. This troubles him throughout his struggle and throughout his journey back to land.

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