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The Once and Future King Topic Tracking: Jealousy

Book 1, Chapter 9

Jealousy 1: Kay is jealous of Arthur, but nothing can be done about it, because it is Arthur's destiny to be special. Kay's jealousy is painful, because there is nothing he can do about it. He feels the pain of being "ordinary" without being able to change it.

Book 3, Chapter 3

Jealousy 2: Lancelot does not only want to be the greatest knight in the world, he also wants to be Arthur's favorite. He cannot bear that Arthur should even be married, even though a wife is very different from a best friend. He does not want Arthur to be closer to anyone else. Yet he is ashamed of this feeling.

Book 3, Chapter 4

Jealousy 3: Jealousy blinds Lancelot to the kindness and beauty of Guenever. He cannot see her for who she is, because he has developed his own ideas about her.

Book 3, Chapter 15

Jealousy 4: Guenever's jealousy of Elaine is so out of control that it drives a wedge between her and Lancelot, even though it is completely unfounded.

Book 3, Chapter 16

Jealousy 5: Arthur is not inclined to be jealous, so he tries to ignore Lancelot and Guenever's affair. Ironically, it is this good-natured attitude which later allows Mordred to manipulate Arthur so well.

Book 3, Chapter 26

Jealousy 6: Agravaine is jealous of Morgause's lovers, since she has taught her children to think of her possessively, as a lover. His jealousy is completely out of control, and he kills both Lamorak and his mother.

Book 3, Chapter 27

Jealousy 7: Mordred is jealous of Arthur because he is a good man, with an easy temper, who is well-liked. Mordred has never been well-liked, and he takes it out on everyone who knows him, making it even more difficult to like him.

Book 3, Chapter 35

Jealousy 8: Guenever refuses to understand why Lancelot would hide Elaine from her-her jealousy blinds her, making her unable to be reasonable or see the truth. She drives Lancelot to madness.

Book 4, Chapter 43

Jealousy 9: Meliagrance's jealousy, not his search for truth, makes him accuse Lancelot of sleeping with Guenever.

Book 4, Chapter 7

Jealousy 10: Agravaine and the other attacking knights are jealous of Lancelot. They know that he really hasn't done anything punishable, but they want to see him punished anyway, because his success makes them feel like failures.

Book 4, Chapter 12

Jealousy 11: Mordred is jealous of Arthur because Arthur slept with Morgause, and Mordred was made to love his mother because of her possessive nature.

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