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Book 4, Chapter 12 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 4, Chapter 12

Gawaine, in his tent, is miserable that Lancelot has again spared his life. He is finally learning that bullying does no good, and he is starting to believe that Lancelot does not hate him (as Mordred has made him believe) but he does not believe that things will ever be made right again. Also, he would feel like a coward if he gave up after challenging Lancelot to a fight to the death. Arthur tries to be optimistic. He wants to go home. Gawaine is beginning to realize that Mordred is evil: he even suggests that Mordred was jealous of Arthur because Mordred was in love with Morgause. Still, Gawaine says he will not give Lancelot mercy until he has conquered him. Arthur reads a letter from Guenever, which she has somehow managed to slip through. It says that Mordred has gone through with his plan: he has told the people that Arthur is dead, and that he, therefore, is King of England, and will marry Guenever. Without any other options, she has accepted him. Mordred is now using guns and a cannon, which is unheard of. Arthur says, "Now that the guns have come, the Table is over. We must hurry home." Book 4, Chapter 12, pg. 658 Even Gawaine wants to fight against Mordred now.

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