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Book 4, Chapter 7 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 4, Chapter 7

In Guenever's room, she and Lancelot talk for a while, and he mentions the scene with Gareth. They talk about how Agravaine is jealous and resentful of Lancelot-and how the other two people Agravaine hated, Tristram and Lamorak, are now dead. Suddenly, she has a sense that Gareth was right-they are about to be trapped-and she begs Lancelot to leave. He tries to brush her off, and then they hear a voice at the door: "Traitor Knight, Sir Lancelot, now thou art taken." Book 4, Chapter 7, pg. 601 Mordred, Agravaine, and many other knights have come to either capture or kill Lancelot. He has no armor, but opens the door slightly anyway, and one armored knight slips in. Lancelot easily takes his sword and kills him-and, checking under the visor, sees that it is Agravaine. He wishes he had not had to kill him, but he had no choice. He puts on Agravaine's armor and they discuss different plans: if Lancelot can fight his way through the fray of knights outside the door, and Arthur is forgiving, he can come back to Camelot. If Arthur is not forgiving, Lancelot can rescue her and take her to Joyous Gard. He then opens the door and offers the men outside a peaceful meeting to decide whether he has done anything wrong or not. Of course, they reject the offer, telling him that they will kill him if they want to. Lancelot sees that he has to fight them.

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