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Book 1, Chapter 8 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 1, Chapter 8

It's raining, and Arthur is so bored he goes to Merlyn and begs him for something to do. Merlyn feels offended at first, and asks Arthur, "You think education is something to be done when all else fails?" Book 1, Chapter 8, pg. 69 But finally he decides Arthur can learn from the birds in the Mews (where Cully and the rest are kept), because they are hunting birds and act like soldiers, discussing their great ancestors, and their techniques. Once Merlyn brings Arthur, in his bird form, to the Mews, the other birds begin questioning him harshly about the ways of birds. He barely passes their exam, because of what he has learned in the castle. Then he is forced to stand near Cully, who, it turns out, is crazy and cannot control his predatory urges. Cully almost eats him, but Arthur escapes and the other birds admire him.

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