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Book 2, Chapter13 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 2, Chapter13

Pellinore and Piggy talk about the four sons they will have: Aglovale, Lamorak, Dornar and Percivale. The Questing Beast still waits outside the castle for her "mate." Merlyn comes to visit. He still can't remember the one thing he knows he needs to tell Arthur. Palomides and Grummore try in vain to explain the situation to the Beast. Meanwhile, Queen Morgause is preparing to go to visit Arthur, bringing her children along. She has heard he is young, charming, and in love with a girl called Lionore. Morgause has magic planned: she has cut an outline of skin from a dead man, which she will throw over Arthur's head while he sleeps and tie in a bow. This will make him fall in love with her. The boys, meanwhile, pray that they will never forget their heritage, and that they will never disappoint their mother.

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