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Book 2, Chapter 11 Notes from The Once and Future King

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The Once and Future King Book 2, Chapter 11

Palomides and Grummore beg Pellinore to kill the Questing Beast, because she has fallen in love with them and will not leave them alone. Pellinore refuses, telling them to run back to the castle while he holds her so she can't chase them. They do so, nearly fainting from exhaustion, and the Beast eventually gets loose and waits outside the castle, crying. Suddenly King Pellinore appears with Piggy, the Queen of Flanders' daughter (she and the Beast searched for him together). They slip into the castle before the Beast can follow. Pellinore and his friends are brought to a bachelor party held by Saint Toirdealbhach, who is marrying Mother Morlan, and everyone gets along well.

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